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IWV Time series

Precipitable Water Vapour from AIRS instrument (2012/04/30)
during the heavy rain along the Oklahoma-Kansas state, USA.

Three rounds of heavy rainfall over three days, with totals of precipitations of 125 mm to 250 mm along the Oklahoma-Kansas state line, led to flash flooding and mainstem river flooding across northeast Oklahoma April 29-May 1, 2012. Numerous swift water rescues, evacuations of many homes, and several road closures occurred during this mult-day event.

The water vapour plays a key role in the climatology and the meteorology (contribution to atmospheric dynamics via latent heat release, obviously relation to precipitation, dominant greenhouse gas).
There is a real need of new humidity observations for research institute working on climate model as well as for the meteorological agency. For this reason, the usage of polar orbiting satellites (UV-vis, IR, and microwave) in synergy with ground-based instrument (GNSS) is challenging.

The purpose of our servive is to provide a NRT and ARCHIVE world monitoring of water vapour from different satellites techniques, and to develop a new approach to study the climate using the synergy between these different techniques.

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